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Clarinet.Ballistix Begins

In Concert Blog on July 23, 2009 at 8:34 pm

There is much work going on behind the scenes as we prepare for our first live streamed concert on the world wide web!

This  concert, live from Llewellyn Hall on the 16th August 2009 will be the first in the Streaming Sounds online outreach program from the ANU School of Music.  With a world wide interactive audience you can imagine how excited our performers are!

Check out our pages for:

  • Webcam rehearsal images
  • ‘Up close and personal’  interviews with the musicians
  • Instructions on how to interact with our musicians pre/post event and live via the web on the day

[Visit our Rehearsal Footage page to view this, and more footage in full screen]

stream_top2 copy



  1. g’day alan,

    thanks for dropping me a line and i’ve been looking forward to the live stream, we have to up for the 6AM start…better us than you though (seriously pre-latte hour). well it’s a fantastic project and we’ll be watching from over here in the scottish highlands. more comments to follow concert,


  2. Hi,
    I think this is a very exciting idea, I especially like the concept of webcam rehearsal images, and the personal interviews. Good luck for the live broadcast.


    • Thanks for the feedback Deb. We had a good dress rehearsal yesterday, with a successful test webcast to a secret url, so it is all systems go!

    • Thanks for the feedback Deb, – we like the site too!
      We had a great dress rehearsal yesterday and the test webcast was successful – good news! All systems go for Sunday.

  3. How good is this! Well done and a great idea. I’ll be listening.

    James Williams

  4. Hi Alan,

    The program and web-site look fantastic. I can’t wait for the concert!


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